About us

Core development

RepoCeuticals’ strategy is to reposition, reroute, and recombine natural agents for new prophylactic and therapeutic uses for reducing the significant and severe side effects of radiotherapy and cytotoxic therapy in treatment of cancer, and for new therapeutic uses for relieving the devastating symptoms and chronic consequences of low anterior resection syndrome.


Repositioning is a new use for an established therapeutic agent. This entails registration and using the agent for a different indication i.e. treating another condition than its previous registered use.


Rerouting is changing the route of administration of the active ingredient to one that is suitable for the new indication. RepoCeuticals formulates the active ingredients to suit local administration at the specific physical site where they need to act. This dramatically improves the efficiency of the active ingredient, which reaches the site of action at high concentration while avoiding conventional systemic administration e.g. by intravenous and subcutaneous injection, thus reducing any systemic adverse reactions.


Combining different active substances that act in different ways to achieve an additive or synergistic effect. The best generally applicable combination is developed for a given indication, so that the patient and the clinician do not have to use several different medications to treat a single condition.